When we made our first tabletop, attached it to the legs and impregnated it with oil, we experienced the feelings we will never forget: filled with inner warmth and peace, we could do nothing but sit at that table in silence. It made us speechless for quite a while. We were elated, blissful, euphoric and fiercely proud of our creation. At that very moment we realized that something novel, genuine, significant, fascinating and worthwhile had just been born.

Believing that the energy and vibes of wood are real and tangible and that trees preserve not only their own past but our history (yours and mine) as well, we treat wood with considerable respect and careful attention.

So, this is how we launched B'art – a brand of hardwood (oak and ash) products combined with modern materials: metal, glass, epoxy resins, etc. And today B'art is a team of like-minded people, a workshop, production works and, above all, an idea and aspiration to embody the enormous power and energy of long-living trees.